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Seth Sanker

Seth is a 25 year old kid from Southern California that’s on a desperate search of finding lifelong friends. And that journey brought him to choosing wedding photography as his career. He’s incredibly intrigued by human relationships and what makes people tick, and trying to figure out a way to capture those quirks in photos for people to remember forever.

Traveling is a huge part of his life and being able to see how other people live, and communicate and love. He’s incredibly obsessed with interior design, and you can often find him watching HGTV and obsessing over Mom and Dad Gaines.

He’s a sarcastic homebody that loves watching Netflix and playing piano.

Website: Seth & Co. Photography

What will you be speaking ABOUT? And why are you passionate about that subject?

I will be speaking on intimacy and how to capture that in a way that’s true to your couple and their love. Often times we find people trying to force certain types of intimacy on their couples. I’ll walk you through how I get to know my couples and figure out how they show affection and how to capture it the best way you can. How to get them vulnerable and let you into their little world.
I’m super passionate about this, because I wanted a window into my couples lives. So often we try and create these moments from the outside, and it just can’t really work that way. This way, I’ve been able to get to know my couples better, and they’ve gotten the photos they really want.



America is an interesting place, and it’s definitely like no other place out there. But it’s always nice to get away every once in a while. I just love seeing new places, having new experiences, seeing the way other people live and maybe implementing that into my life. I can learn a lot when I travel, and also realize things I take for granted. It keeps me grounded. And who doesn’t love a beautiful sight every once in a while?!

What’s your favorite moment from a wedding day?

I think my favorite time of a wedding is getting ready. I love the anticipation in the air. It can be so many different things, from calm to chaotic, but I love that. And I also love being there for my couples, to give them a way to relax and just remind them that it’s their big day and it’s all gonna be ok when they say Ido. And also, who doesn’t like some window light?!

Tell us how you got into photography?

I actually started pretty young. Maybe like 8th grade or freshman year of high school. I was always an artsy kid and this was just another way for me to show that.
Junior Year of high school I joined yearbook and started taking senior portraits. And then once I graduated high school I decided that photography would be a cool thing to do on the weekends. And then we shot a couple of weddings here and there. Word got around and here we are, 6 years later and doing this full time.