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Pat Cori Photography

Pat Cori is an adventurous photographer who loves nothing more than capturing heartfelt emotions and intimate, magical moments on a wedding day. Born in New York and spending most of her childhood in Italy, her artistic approach draws on both her past and present travels and she continues to use them as inspiration. From intimate elopements to extravagant celebrations, Pat is honored to document the most cherished memories to be preserved for a lifetime. Pat is based in Roanoke, Virginia with her husband and son.

Website: Pat Cori Photography

What will you be speaking ABOUT?

I will be speaking on how to use the landscape around you to tell the story of your couple.

I love capturing the close up shots and all of the little details, but I try to keep in mind that I need to take a step back too. I love changing my perspective by adding more of the surrounding. If a couple chooses a place, there is a reason why that location spoke to them and it’s on me to show that through my images.


What’s your favorite moment from a wedding day?

Those in between moments that go by so quickly and sometimes go unnoticed, those big laughs that make it hard to keep photographing, cause honestly they make me laugh so much too, those big moments of quiet while watching a sunset together and end up being louder than ever… I don’t have one favorite moment, each wedding is so different and unique!

How do you balance life/work?

Haha, honestly I just make things work! There’s no magic secret. It definitely isn’t easy to manage a business and a family, but I’ve been working more on my workflow and staying away from social media in certain times of the day!

Tell us how you got into photography?

As a child my mom was always the photo obsessed one. In our family everyone knows that if you want a picture of our ancestors, most likely she’ll have it!
Arts were always my passion. In the earlier years it was singing and piano, then drawing and painting and then my son was born and I became a second version of my mother! HAHA