What’s the Story?

Pat & Lindsey, both Virginia wedding photographers, had been following each other's work for a while, Facebook friends, Instagram followers, constant likers of each others work... but they had never met. It wasn't until they finally decided to meet for coffee one day that they discovered they both not only shared the passion of education, but a similar vision in approach as well.

They hashed it all out right there on the patio steps of Sweet Donkey; from what they loved and hated about the industry to what they wish they had known when they were first starting out (when you get two photographers together you know how that goes). It was shocking how on the same page they were. That night after Lindsey had made the 3.5 hour drive home from Roanoke, via Facebook messenger they decided it was time to take the plunge and develop the type of workshop they had both been searching for; Rooted to Thrive was born.



Pat Cori

Pat Cori is an adventurous photographer who loves nothing more than capturing heartfelt emotions and intimate, magical moments on a wedding day. Born in New York and spending most of her childhood in Italy, her artistic approach draws on both her past and present travels and she continues to use them as inspiration. From intimate elopements to extravagant celebrations, Pat is honored to document the most cherished memories to be preserved for a lifetime. Pat is based in Roanoke, Virginia with her husband and son.


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Lindsey Paradiso

Lindsey grew up always wanting to be a photographer. She had no idea in what capacity it would happen, but dreamt of making it a reality one day.  In college she picked up second shooting gigs from a wedding photographer friend and fell in love with the energy of the day. The rest is history. She's a Game of Thrones fan, chips & salsa connoisseur and has an overabundance of empathy (she calls it a curse). She is drawn to emotive, rich colors and loves seeking out patterns and texture for her images. Her humor is 97% dad jokes and she is on Facebook way, way too often. She lives near Richmond, VA with her husband and two doggos, Izzy & Lola.


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