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Details & FAQs


Rooted to Thrive
Tuscany - Italy April 9-10-11

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Villa il Leccio

We will be lodging, eating and workshopping in a Villa from the 1200s in Greve in Chianti!! How cool is that?! It is located 19 miles away from Florence and 26 miles from Siena.
Each ticket includes lodging for the nights of April 9-10-11. It will also include Lunch/Dinner on the 9-10-11 and breakfast on the 10/11/12.
Checkout is scheduled on the morning of April 12.

Schedule & Timeline

April 8th - arrival day

Meet & Greet!

Most of the speakers will be arriving in Florence on the 8th so whoever is up to it, can meet us up!
Heads up, if you will be arriving on the 8th, you will definitely be jet lagged. There is a choice to reserve an extra night at the Villa, just let us know when you reserve!

April 9th - First Day

9:00 am / Breakfast (Provided to whoever reserves the room on the 8th)

10:00 am / Introductions

11:00am / Incontro #1
Brandi Potter with “Shooting in harsh light”.
12:30 pm Styled session with Brandi.

2:00 pm / Lunch

4:00 pm / Shooting Activity
“Change your perspective”

5:00 pm / Incontro #2
Seth Sanker with “Getting intimacy from your clients”.
6:30 pm Styled session with Seth.

8:30 pm Dinner

April 10th - Second day

9:00 am / Breakfast

10:00 am Q&A’s

10:30 am / Incontro #3
Robert J Hill with “Branding and finding your client”.

12:00 pm / Lunch

1:30 pm / Incontro #4
Robert J Hill with “What’s your shooting Formula”.

3:30pm / Bus - Arrival 5:30 pm
Scouting location (TBD)

5:45 pm / Styled Session with Robert J Hill

8:00 pm / Bus - Arrival 10:00 pm

10:00 pm / Late Dinner

April 11th - Third Day

9:00 am / Breakfast

10:00 am / Incontro #5
Lindsey Paradiso with “Strengths and Weaknesses”

11:30 am / Shooting Activity
“Shoot 10 elements”

12:30 pm / Lunch

2:00 pm / Incontro #6
Pat Cori with “Using the landscape to tell a story”.

3:30 pm / Editing
During this time you can choose to take some free time or upload/cull/edit with all of us!

5:00 pm / Incontro #7

6:30 pm Styled Session

8:30 pm Gran Gala Dinner!!!
(Get ready to chill out and party!)

April 12th - Fourth Day

9:00 am / Breakfast

10:30 am Check out :(

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop was put together for the photographer that has a passion for traveling who needs to get out of their comfort zone and get to the next level of their journey. We have a limited amount of seats, which will make the workshop more personable. We will be having meals together and lodging at the same location, which will help create those connections that are more important than anything else as we truly believe in supporting each other in this constant growth, that we all fear and seek at the same time.

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Recommended Gear

& other accessories

  • Camera and two lenses (especially if you are traveling, you don’t want heavy equipment!

  • Laptop (Possibly with Lightroom installed or whatever you use for editing).

  • Card Reader

  • Memory cards & extra batteries

  • Portable charger, here is the one we use.

  • External drive to backup your images. There are so many more affordable ones out there, but this is what we use.

  • Power plug adapter IMPORTANT! There is a different voltage in Italy so you will need to have one in order to charge your devices!


What is included in my ticket?

Lodging for April 9-10-11. All accommodations are double sized rooms, which means, you will be sharing your room with someone else. If you decide to come with your partner, let us know! We offer specials for couples! You do have the option to request to include the 8th too. Let us know when you sign up!
Food: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is include on the 9/10/11.
Learning opportunity, building connections and a ton lots of fun in one of the most beautiful countries in the WORLD!

How is the weather in Italy in April?

As we all know, April weather can be unpredictable as in nailing down a specific temperature. Typically it ranges in between 45° and 65°. We will definitely be keeping an eye on it and we will keep you all posted!

How long is the actual workshop?

The workshop starts at 10am on April 9th and ends on April 11th at 8pm. We highly recommend coming at least one day before the workshop! If you can, take even a few extra days so that you will have the chance to visit this beautiful country.

Jet lag, how do I deal with it?

Having travelled a lot, here are a few tips that are helpful. I’m not sure I have followed them by the rules, but I do know that if you do, it’ll definitely help!

  • Get as much rest as you can before your trip. Starting out sleep deprived makes jet lag worse.

  • If you can, try to arrive at least one day before. It will give your body a chance to adjust.

  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight to counteract the dehydrating effects of dry cabin air. Dehydration can make jet lag symptoms worse.

  • Stay on your new schedule. Set your watch to the new time before you leave. Once you reach your destination, try not to sleep until the local nighttime, no matter how tired you are.

  • Try to sleep during your flight. Earplugs, headphones and eye masks can help block out noise and light.

How do we get to Greve in Chianti?

If you are traveling from outside of Italy you can look into these airports:

  • Florence Peretola (FLR). This is the closest choice. It is only 19 miles away from the Villa we will be workshopping.

  • Rome Fiumicino (FCO). This is 130 miles away from Florence. You can either chose to get a train to Florence, which are very well coordinated in Italy or rent a car.

  • Milan Malpensa (MXP). This is 195 miles away from Florence. You can either chose to get a train to Florence, which are very well coordinated in Italy or rent a car.

The best way to get from Florence to Greve in Chianti is by bus. They are more affordable and they run pretty much all day. Here is the link to find the right time and location to get it from.

When is my final payment due?

If you opted to pay only the deposit, the remaining is due 30 days before the workshop which is March 9th 2019. If you fail to do so all money paid is lost and you risk to loose your seat!

Can I just pay in two times even if i buy the early bird?

Yes, you definitely can

What if I change my mind?

Cancellation for any reason result in loss of all money paid. You can try to find someone else that will fulfill your seat. Seats are limited!

What if the workshop is cancelled?

I for some reason we will need to cancel or postpone the workshop and you won’t be able to attend, we will refund 100% of all money paid. However, we are not reliable for money spent on flights purchased so please be sure you purchase insurance when you do so.

What if I have a dietary restriction?

Please let us know when you sign up and we will make sure that there will be plenty of food choices for you too!

How can I register to the workshop?

To sign up, you can either choose the pay deposit option or pay in full. At the moment we are running an “Early Bird Special” that is $1,700 instead of $1,900!!! The Early Bird Special will end on January 31st 2019.