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Brandi Potter

Brandi is a world traveling, plant obsessed & dog lover, who just happens to be a wedding photographer. "
”I think weddings are more about the people than being famous, and that you can make beautiful images absolutely anywhere. My goal is to show photographers that there are ways of doing things that don’t involve epic landscapes and mountain tops. All you need is a bit of weird imagination”.

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What will you be speaking ABOUT? And why are you passionate about that subject?

I started my business in the Midwest in a time where mountains and epic locations made you famous. Obviously that wasn’t really possible for me before I started destination work, so I had to forge my own path. I’ll be teaching how to shoot in less than ideal locations and different types of light. It’s so important for us to be well rounded photographers and for us to be able to create epic images in any situation.


What’s your favorite moment from a wedding day?

I honestly don’t have a favorite part of the wedding day. What I enjoy the most is when the family and close friends can just have their moment with the couple. I love when grandparents are still living and can be part of the day too, that’s probably what I enjoy the most overall.


I think when we photograph weddings we need to keep in mind that we’re creating heirlooms for our clients. You look at your grandparents wedding photos and your parents photographs as a way to be part of the past and to put yourself into that moment. We’re doing the same excat thing for future generations. In an age full of technology, wedding photos will outlive Instagram filters and be what people look back on.

Tell us how you got into photography?

I got into photography in a very unconventional way. At the time I was living in Nashville, going to fashion school and because I was creative and into art, my best friend from high school asked me to do her maternity photos. I used her mom’s old Nikon d90 and was immediately sold. When I got back to Nashville I put a camera in layaway and never stopped.