Photography Workshops

Most photographers want
to master couple’s portraiture,
but are stuck shooting at the same places.
We teach you how to shoot outside the box
and find your own voice!


Why choose the Rooted to Thrive workshops?

As wedding photographers, we wear a lot of different hats and at times it can be overwhelming. We can find ourselves falling into a routine where we’re stuck just trying to keep up with everything! While we all want to master the art of couple’s portraiture we forget that our business is so much more, we want to help you nurture all parts of your business so you’re able to feel free to create.

With the Rooted to Thrive photography workshops we start from the roots of managing our business, simplifying daily tasks and finding your own voice that isn’t someone else’s echo. We do this all together by doing what we love most, creating art. We have selected speakers who we believe will help speak into your life and teach you abilities that will help you manage the demands of being a wedding photographer all while feeling free to be creative. Meet us in Tuscany this April to learn and grow with us!



All things must come to the soul through its roots.